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I have a thing for curls and men twice my age.

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- "I've been nothing but loyal, sir"
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The cast being adorkable while asked about the bromance.

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Charloe humor

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David Lyons + Cast |

Who’s your favorite?

Favorite? I can’t play favorites

We […] like each other a stupid amount.

David Lyons, Wondercon 2013

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Maybe I’ll make you an ashtray for Father’s Day.

MUST WATCH – Mysterious REVOLUTION Video Arrives at SciFi Mafia | SciFi Mafia


Uh, the video is VERY mysterious, it doesn’t give much info but yeah, it’s something new.

Maybe it has something to do with Episode 20, according to the synopsis of 2x20.

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Really really really really excited about this

  • The last few episodes will also show a little more of the dynamic between Monroe and Connor, and their quest to rebuild the Monroe Republic.  This will provide an opportunity to explain how the Republic came to be in the first place and give us a glimpse at the relationship between Monroe and Miles.

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Revolution - WonderCon 2014 sneak peek teaser

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I asked Rockne O’Bannon when Charloe was gonna happen, and he said he likes teasing the audience.

Elizabeth Mitchell was right next to him, overheard us, and… Well, let me just say, she ships it ;-)

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Bass and Connor, Revolution 2x19 Shit Happens

Miles and Charlie, Revolution 2x19 Shit Happens.

Bass and Rachel, Revolution 2x19 Shit Happens